Why move it when you could master it? Talk to RoadMasters.

You have opportunities to sell large steel tubes, lease construction equipment, provide steel girders or land a lumber contract. RoadMasters has the experience, the equipment and the work ethic to provide you with possibilities for making the most of every one of them.

An Unrivaled Alliance of Open-Deck Pros

Our drivers have many specialties and extraordinary experience in safely and expeditiously delivering difficult, oversized and specialized loads across the U.S. For companies who need unconventional solutions, we provide flatbed trucking as well as power-only transport that are made for the move.

Trusted by Leaders

Support the success of your load with same outstanding service that’s led to our long-term relationships with a host of manufacturers, distributors, retailers, service companies, small businesses and Fortune 500 companies. Behind our success is a driver-centric and customer-obsessed culture that ensures you receive responsive service and high quality on your projects.

A heavy-haul network powering your transport needs.

RoadMasters’ team of 145 open-deck owner-operators is supported by a national network of terminal agents and customer service representatives. Those capabilities are bolstered by RoadMasters’ affiliation with the Bennett Family of Companies. Together, we’re one of the largest providers of oversized transportation in the country.

One stop masters it all.

With experience, you can move anything. With an outstanding ethic you can do it well. RoadMasters provides you with both—and the equipment to facilitate your heavy, wide and challenging loads anywhere in the U.S.

Flatbeds and step deck trailers:

  • 40 Ft Hotshots
  • 48 Ft
  • 53 Ft

Specialized equipment for heavy haul:

  • RGN
  • Pole Trailers
  • Dump beds
  • Pneumatic tankers

Power only


Our team understands the specific requirements for flatbed commodities including lumber, pipe, shingles and metal.   These services include tarping and binding.  With top-of-the-line technology for tracking and managing your job, we will help you stay on top of your most complicated shipments.  Our diverse, nationwide fleet can handle any flatbed freight.  And with an over 140-strong network of regional agents and field offices, we can serve both your short-haul and long-haul needs across the continental U.S. and Canada.



RoadMasters provides a great opportunity for customers that require more specialized handling than flatbed transportation.  We provide step deck trailers that can be used for high or oversized shipping requirements.  When it’s oversized, our team of experts in our permit department are ready to map out the route and provide the required permits to move your step deck shipments safely. 


Hot Shot Trailer
RoadMasters provides access to a fleet of Hot Shot pick-up trucks with gooseneck trailer capacity up to 42,000 pounds.  We serve jobs from our Mineral Springs, AR, Minden, LA and Fort Worth, TX terminals.


We can provide experience in moving your most complex industrial machines as well as your heavy haul shipments that can include, heavy, high and wide shipments.

Benefits of using RoadMasters to haul your Industrial and Heavy Haul moves:

  • Our in-house professionals have vast experience moving machinery. We know and understand the language and can help you find the right equipment for your needs.
  • From straps to tarps, load balancing to lift points, our experienced contractors understand the unique requirements of industrial machinery hauling.
  • We can handle anything from 5000 lbs. LTL to 400,000 lbs. or more
  • Multiple equipment types including: extended flatbed trailers, step decks, double drops, removable goosenecks (RGN)
    and up to

Open to the challenge.

  • Building materials
  • Construction equipment hauling
  • Farm equipment hauling
  • Motor vehicles
  • Metal sheets, coils and rolls
  • Lumber transport including beams, poles and logs
  • Wind turbine blade transport
  • Oilfield materials and equipment
  • Tubing & Pipe—even 95’ double-joint spiral pipe
  • Pipeline stringing and transportation services
  • Unloading services for rail car pipe shipments
  • Structural components for the communication industry

We know where you’re coming from.

Work with a team of terminal agents and service representatives that come from trucking so there’s no understanding gap in getting your needs met. Our drivers and terminal agents are located throughout the country, so they literally know where you’re coming from as well as the most efficient and safe way to get where you’re going.


Ready for the high road?

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