Transporting manufactured homes, tiny houses, modular buildings and commercial office units is delicate work. We understand that, and we tell our drivers to treat your loads like glass houses.

Manufactured home movers know: it’s someone’s world.

That’s no exaggeration. It’s a home or structure with windows and siding, a front door and roof—all of which will be someone’s castle, home away from home, or company headquarters. That’s why RoadMasters only puts your haul in the hands of a very experienced driver.

Mobile Home Transport Trusted by Leaders

The largest producers of manufactured homes and modular buildings have relied on RoadMasters’ network of expert drivers and experienced customer service representatives for decades. Our customers include:

  • All major manufacturers in the industry.
  • Dealers.
  • Manufactured housing communities.
  • Commercial building leasing companies.
  • Government agencies providing emergency housing during disasters.
RoadMasters transports the following

Masterful Drivers Supporting Successful Deliveries

Extraordinary loads like yours require experienced drivers. RoadMasters’ 100+ mobile home toter owner-drivers know the drill. They average 10 years behind the wheel hauling modular buildings and all are licensed, certified and specially trained.

Specialized Skills Required

Manufactured housing truckers face all kinds of challenges from hills and tight curves to rural and residential destinations. Hauling them is unlike hauling anything else. Modular buildings are vulnerable to the elements—especially wind—so they travel slowly. Loads ride differently on their own axles and can up to 16’ high, requiring experienced drivers trained for heightened awareness. Strict training and solid company backing help ensure safe and expedient delivery.

A Nationally Connected Network Behind you

The experts driving your load are tracked and backed by RoadMasters. Our dispatchers and terminals are spaced from coast to coast. If your axle breaks or an incident occurs, we leverage a nationwide network to assure a quick and decisive response. When varying state and local laws add complexity, our drivers, dispatchers and terminal operators work together to satisfy all requirements, including arranging for escorts and alternate routing when required.

Experience and equipment

pull through

As a division of Bennett Truck Transport, RoadMasters provides customers access to hundreds of experienced truckers across the U.S. Our manufactured housing trucking services are closely integrated with our general freight division and sister providers within the Bennett Family of Companies, enabling a strongly coordinated effort on extensive projects where building materials and modular structures are needed onsite. It all boils down to any need on the road, hauled with the mastery you need for peace of mind and business.

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